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b_pumps-benj_a.jpg Gas Pump Collector's Guide
$29.95 $25.00 On Sale!
by Scott Benjamin and Wayne Henderson. Illustrated overview for the gas pump collector. Many photos of restored gas pumps.
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b_pumps-sim_a.jpg An Illustrated Guide to Gas Pumps, Identification and Price Guide
$34.95 $30.00 On Sale!
By Jack Sim. Comprehensive reference to identify and determine value of vintage gas pumps.
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b_resto-benj_a.jpg PCM's Guide to Gas Pump Restoration
$34.95 $30.00 On Sale!
by Scott Benjamin and Wayne Henderson. Illustrated guide to restoring visible, clockface and electric gas pumps. Paint and pump sign reference by gasoline brand.
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g_mobilgasspec2.jpg Globe, Mobilgas Special
Globe, Mobilgas Special $95.00 [Order]  [Checkout]
Mobilgas Special single globe lens $40.00 [Order]  [Checkout]

g_phillips_a.jpg Globe, Phillips 66
Globe, Phillips 66 $95.00 [Order]  [Checkout]
Phillips 66 single globe lens $40.00 [Order]  [Checkout]

g_sinclairair2.jpg Globe, Sinclair Aircraft
Globe, Sinclair Aircraft $95.00 [Order]  [Checkout]
Sinclair Aircraft single globe lens $40.00 [Order]  [Checkout]

th_fordv8_a.jpg Thermometer, Ford V-8
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ts_mobilgas_a.jpg Tin sign, Mobil Pegasus
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ts_pontiac_a.jpg Tin sign, Pontiac Service
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